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New Study Finds Caffeine Boosts Bumble Bee Performance

I have been lucky enough to have many morning coffee dates with my hard-working honey bees. There truly is nothing like getting buzzed next to a hive buzzing with busy workers. And while I definitely benefit from caffeine, I had no idea that certain species of bees can too.

A recent article in Scientific American reported that scientists from the University of Greenwhich found bumblebees given caffeine responded to floral scents faster than bees without it.

Incorporating caffeine into the bumblebees' diet actually seemed to increase their effectiveness, just as it does to the millions of people that consume it before work every day.

While previous studies have shown bees do not seek out flowers that produce caffeine, when it is introduced into the bees' diet it appears to increase their motivation for pollination. It has also been shown to help honey bees form better memories of smells, and increase the caffeinated plants' likelihood of being pollinated.

This finding is revolutionary in that it provides a potential way for scientists to develop "precision pollination technology."

I am so looking forward to what the scientists come up with next!


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