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Murder Hornets: What You Need To Know

Another wonderful blessing that has come out of 2020 is the Murder Hornet. 

However, there is some positive news, as today news broke that the Washington State Department of Agriculture was able to kill their first murder hornet nest in Whatcom County in Washington State. 

No workers were stung in the process. 

The hive was located 30 feet from a play set at an individual’s home, according to an article by CBS News. The state agriculture department was able to find this hive by attaching dental floss with attached radio trackers to find the hive, then subsequently used carbon dioxide gas to smoke out the hive and effectively kill the bees. 

Until recently, these lethal insects were native to East Asia, South Asia, Mainland Southeast Asia, and parts of the Russian Far East. But unfortunately, they have now officially made their way to the United States. This has devastating potential for our nation’s honey bees, our human population, and by nature, the nation’s ecosystem. 

While the sting of the Murder Hornet has people running for the hills as their sting may be lethal, they also have beekeepers shaking in their bee suits as Murder Hornets are especially known to desimate entire colonies of bees within hours This is significantly concerning due to the already global shortage of our pollinating friends. 

The CBS News article also quoted an individual from the Department of Agriculture, stating that they feel they are ahead of this issue.

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