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How I “Got Into” Bees

I get asked this question so often, and generally I do not put much thought behind my answer. Generally I talk about how my family bought a property with 3 acres so we thought it would be fun to get bees and hopefully some honey as well. Little did I know this decision would change my life.

Once the stress of getting my first hive started up was over, I started spending significant time with “the girls.” We would have coffee together, I would play them my favorite tunes, and I would sit and watch them go in and out of the hive.

It felt so amazing to spend so much time up close and personal with these fantastic creatures. However, the “obsession” started when I saw my bees first honey comb structure. It was PERFECT. They had done so much in one week, I was left speechless. I grew an immense appreciation for these hard workers and I never looked back.

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